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Melissa is the best selling author of two incredible books, the host of uber successful podcast 'The Melissa Ambrosini Show', a motivational speaker, entrepreneur and self-love guru.

Melissa’s mission is to help women create vibrant and fulfilling lives that they want to get out of bed for. Her events are entertaining, empowering and highly engaging - inspiring the audience to take action and turn their health, wealth or love goals into reality. We can’t wait to have Melissa join us at WorkSafe Self-Care Sunday as a keynote speaker, she has a wealth of knowledge that will leave you feeling ready to live life on your terms. 


Laura Henshaw and Steph Claire Smith are the brains behind online health and wellbeing program Keep It Cleaner, that supports people all across the globe with their health and wellbeing goals. Their program takes a holistic approach by incorporating clean eating, movement and mindfulness practices, so their global community can be the best versions of themselves.

The girls are highly relatable, genuine and have an incredibly inspiring message. We’re thrilled to have them host a sweat session in Johnstone Park and participate in a Q&A session, where they will share their tips and tricks for staying fit and healthy. 



After spending 15 years in the health and wellness industry, Luke's passion lies in helping support people to achieve their health and happiness goals. 

A personal trainer, nutritional coach and author of nine incredible cookbooks, Luke won the hearts of many Australian's after appearing on number one cooking series, My Kitchen Rules, where Luke showed Australia that healthy eating can not only be easy but also really delicious. 



Tony McManus is a sought-after speaker at all levels of the community for beyondblue and RU OK? across South East Australia. Tony has been passionately promoting the Mental Health Solution of Social Connection through Mentoring and Volunteering via his Facebook page “ConnectTwoGrow”. After his brother Mick took his own life, a passion in helping others deal with Mental Health issues began and has resulted in among other thing’s the successful lobbying of the Geelong and Hawthorn football clubs to play annually for the AFL “beyondblue Cup” as a vehicle to promote awareness about and reduce stigma in the community about Depression. He is a National Ambassador for beyondblueand is a Community Ambassador for RU OK?


Dr Karen White

Karen White is an oncologist who founded the program Strive 2 Thrive which is
a unique exercise an wellbeing program, servicing the cancer community in the Geelong Region. Since beginning over 7 years ago,  Strive 2 Thrive has made a huge difference to hundreds of participants through it’s free-of-charge exercise and wellbeing programs for cancer survivors. Fostering healthy lifestyle choices and an active lifestyle, their programs help participants to reduce the likelihood of a cancer recurrence.

Hear Karen share her extensive knowledge and the benefits of being active and healthy whilst recovering from sickness.